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Latest News on Tinnitus

  • 15 Ways to Get Tinnitus
  • If you’ve ever had tinnitus, then you know just how difficult life can be.  Constant merciless ringing in the ears that lasts for days, months or years is enough to drive anybody insane. To treat tinnitus, first you have to know how you got it in the first place.  Symptom Checker from Health Line has […]

  • To Help Tinnitus, Stimulate the Nerves, Say Scientists
  • Millions of people suffer from tinnitus to the point of distraction. Constant ear ringing, dizziness, headaches, and head pressure make it difficult to concentrate or function normally. Now, scientists believe they can relieve tinnitus symptoms through a nerve stimulation treatment already approved for epilepsy. Tinnitus is a neurological condition, so it’s no surprise that scientists […]

  • Ginkgo Biloba and Tinnitus: It’s All About Blood
  • Ginkgo biloba and tinnitus have been the focus of many studies on hearing loss and age-related dementia. Though we have no “miracle cure” for tinnitus, ginkgo biloba is noted by researchers as having amazingly beneficial properties hat help to sustain healthy blood circulation, a key element in preventing tinnitus triggers. The ginkgo biloba-tinnitus link Sometimes, […]

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