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Sound. It’s part of our life, our daily experience. It allows us to communicate. When our ears ring, it disrupts us.
Being told to “live with it” is not acceptable.
Sanuthera is bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.
The time has come for a better, more elegant solution.
It has been too long that tinnitus sufferers have had to listen to noise or use two completely separate devices for treatment. It is time we start taking tinnitus more seriously. A solution is on the way.

We are applying the most scientifically rigorous methods for tinnitus treatment to our technology to bring you a solution that addresses both tinnitus and hearing loss.

Let us help you discover peace of mind.

Tinnitus. It’s what we do.Sanuthera Logo

Professional Information

There are several treatment options for persons with tinnitus, the most common being tinnitus masking (TM), tinnitus training therapy (TRT), and more recently progressive tinnitus management (PTM). Each has its benefits. Given that the majority of tinnitus sufferers who have sought medical treatment have concurrent hearing loss, it is difficult to envision a device that can both fit your preferred treatment method as well as accommodate all your patient’s hearing needs.

Sanuthera’s device is designed to do exactly that.

Currently under development, our tinnitus device can fit seamless into your preferred treatment protocol. With full hearing-aid capability, your patient’s hearing loss can be ameliorated as well.

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